About HolySeek

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 The Rosary Foundation


HolySeek was created to assist non-profit organizations, charities, philanthropists and ambitious individuals promote their noteworthy causes.  HolySeek's approach to search engine marketing allows its users to obtain targeted search results while giving activists a chance to promote their efforts in front of a large scale audience.


HolySeek is a search engine that feels strongly about promoting charity and good works.  That is why we strive to help great people get recognized for their charitable efforts and achievements.  If you are the type of person with the desire to make the world a better place, or if you are searching for people that are already making the world a better place, then HolySeek is definitely the search engine for you. 


As an advocate for charity, HolySeek offers Free PPC Advertising for qualified individuals and organizations.



HolySeek Supports Charity!



We donate a significant portion of revenues generated through our content advertising to assist the growth and development of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. Click here to learn more about our pledge to charity.





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